Case Study: Estate Agency in Sheffield

recruitment Sheffield estate agencyThe Requirement: The company required a new department to be set up

The Solution: We took a brief of the multiple positions that needed filling and discussed the various options with the Operations Manager, looking at the turnaround times and levels of involvement required from us against their in house abilities. We designed an assessment centre so we could reduce the amount of time spent interviewing and enable us to make the 4 hires needed in 1 mornings work.

The Gain: The usual cost by a standard recruitment agency to fill these positions would have been £12,600. Using our Internal Recruitment Model we devised and ran the assessment centre for the client at a cost of £1,500. This gave the company a massive saving of £11,100.

The Figures:

  • Standard recruitment agency rate: £12,600
  • Our Internal Recruitment rate: £1,500
  • Their saving: £11,100