It’s Slice Solutions’ 1st Birthday – Year One Completed!

1st birthday recruitment agency Sheffield Slice SolutionsHere’s what Lisa Betsworth our founder had to say one year in.

“So here we are 12 months on, who’d have thought it! This time 12 months ago, the vision for Slice was very different to the Slice that stands before us today. The business that we’ve got today is probably the business that I wanted the first time around but never quite found my way to getting it.  So I am grateful to all of the clients that we’ve worked with and still to work with that have enabled me to bring the vision into the reality that Slice is today.

I’m thankful that they’ve been open minded enough to work with the internal side of things and that they’ve seen the results! We’ve done everything from placing administrators to architectural technicians, from designing assessment centres to implementing internal recruitment departments in companies small and large.

We continue to hold on to our values throughout as recruitment shouldn’t cost you the earth. We don’t bill like traditional recruiters as our costs are much less than standard recruitment agencies. We will save you money on your recruitment costs! But not only that, we will give you more than just a quick-fix, vacancy filling exercise. We work with you on the bigger picture. If we don’t think you need to recruit and can re-engineer your current workforce we will tell you! And, if you find that sort of advice beneficial, we will work internally in your organisation for as long as you need us to.

Going forward what does year 2 hold for Slice? Well, growth in a number of ways in terms of the amount of clients that we can service, the levels that we can service them, and in numbers of our team – we’re very excited about that! There’s some fantastic stuff coming up over the next 12 months in terms of what we’re doing with our marketing and what we’ve got in the pipeline, as well as some really rewarding projects that we’re working on at the moment!

It’s all made for a fantastic first year. We’re absolutely chuffed and long may it continue!”

If you’d like to learn more about how we work with clients, check out our case studies here (link) or get in touch today