Rewarding Staff – What Happens This Christmas?!

staff rewards Christmas recruitment agency SheffieldFor most of us across the region, we’re Tier 3 or at best Tier 2, so the party season is not underway! Or at least not as we’re used to it.

After this unique year we can’t let employees go un-thanked for their loyalty, patience and ongoing work through the horrors that were teaching your own children and learning to cut your own hair so that your partner didn’t start to question their life choices!

Let’s not even mention Zoom!….. or shall we. In fact Zoom, and it’s many counterparts, may be the solution to the traditional Christmas party here. Don’t moan, it could be fun! And cheaper, you’ll only need a party outfit for your top half!

An online event for staff will count as your usual tax efficient party spending so with that in mind why not consider one of the following. Remember the screen shots could be worth it!

Low budget

At little to no cost your traditional party games and quizzes can all be moved online. Fancy dress, Secret Santa and team awards can all be done online in group video calls. Why not make a competition for the best virtual background?

If you want to up the cost a bit, add some video magic. For various small-ish amounts you can get a celebrity to record a greeting. ‘Celebrity’ in the loose term, but there are some crackers out there. You could play them as guest speakers as a real surprise for staff as they can be fully scripted by you and delivered by your favourite TV faces from the 80s and 90s or comedians.

Splash a little

Everything can be done virtually or get delivered nowadays. You could move to an online cocktail master class or wine tasting event. Hire a comedian. Buy tickets to a virtual show for the whole team. Host or find a host for a home spa night with various products distributed to everyone beforehand.

There are loads of ideas out there online and they are so easy to implement. No worries about dietary requirements and seating arrangements this year! But you can use the time you would have spent coordinating those on searching online for the funniest, most thoughtful online experience for your teams. You all deserve it.