Has Furlough Made You Rethink?

furlough scheme rethink jobSo, as we stand, furlough has been extended until September 2021. How are you using that time? Are you desperate to get back to work or are you thinking of looking for something else? Now is the time to be asking yourself these questions.

Some people have been on furlough of some sorts for over a year now and we know how tough that has been and it has also made people look at their lives differently and what they want from them. If its left you thinking now is the time for change we suggest now is the time to consider updating your CV.

If you have a particular company, role or industry in mind then tailor your CV accordingly. There is no point telling an employer how good you are at sales if you are wanting to step into an operational role.

If you have been on furlough for a long period of time, then tell anyone reading your CV what you have been up to? Some people got 2nd jobs or even started a small business to keep the money coming in and the brain ticking, if so, shout about it. Showcase the skills you used during this time. It can also show tenacity that you didn’t just take it on the chin and you actively tried to keep yourself busy.

It is always wise to get your CV checked out as this is effectively selling you. This is a service we offer here at Slice if you don’t have anyone to ask in your own network. Make sure it is well presented and get the point across in the correct way.

If you want some more advice on how to put a strong CV together, please email us on rachel@slicesolutions.co.uk.