Team Slice

Team Slice has grown since it started 3 years ago, we like to work with ambitious business owners, help solve problems and bring a solution that helps the company grow and hopefully come back for more! Here is some more info the people you will speak to and how they came to be at Slice!

Who are team Slice?

team slice

Lisa Betsworth

Lisa is an Army Bratt so it’s always a difficult one when people ask her where she is from!

Lisa is the owner of Slice, and proud of what her and the team are achieving daily.

If Lisa didn’t own Slice, she would probably own a salon or bar in Spain and spend her nights sipping cocktails in the sun.

Emily Oxford

Emily’s interest in HR started when she was scanning shopping at Morrisons!

Emily has joined forces with Lisa to add an HR service to the already successful Slice just made sense!

Ever the organiser if Emily hadn’t landed at Slice she would likely be involved in planning events. Combining her love for a party and a good tick list!

Rachel Allison

Rachel is from Sheffield but currently lives with her family in Chesterfield.

Rachel loves the diversity and excitement the job offers and is still able to collect her children from school.

In another life or if Rachel wasn’t working for Slice she would probably be a Primary School Teacher.

How can the team help you?

With a varied background and wealth of experience behind us there is not much we haven’t covered. We will get to know you and your business to find the best solutions.


If you would like to discuss our services, please use the contact form on our website or email us on and our friendly team will be happy to share how we can support you.

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