Remote Recruitment – Navigating the challenges

Remote recruitment is the process of companies or their recruiting partners to source, pre-screen, interview, and onboard new employees on a completely remote basis, all with the aid of remote tools and methods. Virtual meeting platforms such as Zoom and Teams allow face-to-face meetings whilst email communication can mimic the experience of on-site coordination. Even onboarding can be completed remotely with the utilisation of e-signature documents for new starter paperwork.

remote recruitment identify that the biggest challenges of remote hiring were candidate engagement (51.7%), candidate onboarding (49.7%), and candidate evaluation (42.4%).

Is Technology not the biggest challenge for Remote Recruitment?

Based on the above it would appear not, if anything the Pandemic has forcibly upskilled most on the use of virtual meetings, and with the fast-paced development of smart phones even documents can be now scanned, virtually signed and the whole process can be paper free.

Candidate engagement is the area most likely to suffer, despite its best efforts, video calling can mean that you miss out on non-verbal cues and body language signs. These can give you an insight to a personality and confidence. Also, candidates may feel they are missing out on experiencing company culture. Candidates can pick up a lot from waiting in Reception for their interview, their experience of walking through the building and their interactions of other people in the building.

How to work with these challenges?

One idea is once the formal interview is complete, why not invite team members and remote employees to join the call and virtually meet candidates to chat and talk more about the business and what they enjoy, the “non-corporate” bits! This is a fun way for candidates to interact with future teammates and get a sense of the in-house atmosphere.

It then follows to ensure that you have a structured onboarding process that is as detailed and compliant as it would be done face to face, considering access to technology and the first impression this gives your new employee.


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