Stress awareness in the workplace is something that is starting to be talked about more regularly, and with campaigns such as Stress Awareness Month advice is available on how to tackle it.

However, the Global Burnout Survey 2022 has found that employee burnout has increased by over 5 % in the last 12 months. Driven by one simple reason: leaders don’t really understand what the global phenomenon really is.

Research in the stats shown below reflect the actions taken by employees who feel stressed.

So what does Stress Awareness in the Workplace mean?

Having awareness gives us the power to influence outcomes; helps us become better decision-makers and gives us more confidence in action we can take.

There are lots of ideas all over the internet and the media about how to handle stress in the workplace, what is important is to find what best suits your employees and your business culture. Having open communication to find out from your employees what causes them stress will better allow to make changes that actually help.



stress awareness in the workplace


Prevention is better than the cure!

Conducting research and risk assessments in your business in the same way you do other risks will allow you to be proactive in preventing stress in the workplace. This will not only benefit the company operationally – less stress means less sick days, less presenteeism, less resignations but also increased productively with a boosted moral in the workforce, dedicated employees and a commitment to you as their employer.


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