stress awareness in the workplace

Stress awareness in the workplace is something that is starting to be talked about more regularly, and with campaigns such as Stress Awareness Month advice is available on how to tackle it. However, the Global Burnout Survey 2022 has found that employee burnout has increased by over 5 % in the last 12 months. Driven […]

Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace

diversity and inclusion

What is Diversity and Inclusion Diversity refers to the existence of variations of different characteristics in a group of people and in the workplace most commonly refers to what shapes individuals’ identity. Inclusion is about how well these perspectives of different people are valued and integrated into an environment, in the case the workplace Great […]

The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing HR

outsource HR pros and cons

Outsourcing HR is a big decision so it is right to consider the pros and cons. On the positive side outsourcing HR can bring a massive advantage to your business in terms of skill, resource and expertise. An Outsourced HR company can bring everything from HR Admin to HR Strategy within the same agreement, at […]

Managing Skeleton Staff over Christmas

skeleton staff

How do you Manage Skeleton Staff over Christmas? Everyone is going to want time off over Christmas which can you leave you with a headache of managing staff requests. You may look at how you can reduce down to “skelton” staff to accommodate these requests. So how can you manage staff over Christmas? Make Christmas […]

Absenteeism and Presenteeism

absenteeism vs presenteeism

Absenteeism and presenteeism in the workplace though triggered by different factors, are big issues in companies of all shapes and sizes. Both of these issues have a major effect on employee productivity, and therefore, an organisation’s bottom line. Absenteeism is defined as when employees have an unscheduled absence, while presenteeism is when employees are at […]

Bullying in the Workplace

bullying in the workplace

Bullying in the workplace is unfortunately more common that people think. Almost 6 in 10 people have witnessed or suffered bullying in the workplace 37% have been bullied themselves Bullying is a problem across all ages and environments. It’s by no means restricted to school. Not everybody loves their job, but we all deserve to feel […]

Should I outsource my HR?

outsource HR

There are several reasons why you might choose to outsource your HR. You might not have the resource in house with the knowledge required to manage your HR needs. You might not have the need for a full time HR resource. You want to ensure your business is legally compliant. The top reason being the […]

What are HR Services?

hr services

HR Services can cover a multitude of areas. From onboarding new employees, dealing with performance issues, sickness absences and appraisals, to reasons relating to needing to exit someone from the business. All these areas carry significant employment law that all Employers must comply with. HR can support with administration of the above processes as well […]

How does HR support business strategy

hr strategy

HR has the skills and knowledge to support the organisation in bringing strategy to life through its people Quite often external consultants are called in to help formulate and develop action plans designed to take the business forward. A business coach or a financial advisor may be able to identify the direction the business needs […]

Where to get HR Advice?

hr advice

HR advice is available from many sources, you can get  it for free online from ACAS and the government website, pay and download advice from HR specific websites or pay for bespoke HR advice from a consultant or Employment Law solicitor. The top google result for free HR advice is ACAS As an independent public […]