What is fixed fee recruitment?

fixed fee

Fixed fee recruitment is a way of charging for a recruitment project and is becoming more common.  The traditional use of a high street agency is that the final cost is based on a percentage of the salary offered for the position – typically between 12-20%, sometimes more some high level roles. Fixed fee on […]

Remote Recruitment – Navigating the challenges

remote recruitment

Remote recruitment is the process of companies or their recruiting partners to source, pre-screen, interview, and onboard new employees on a completely remote basis, all with the aid of remote tools and methods. Virtual meeting platforms such as Zoom and Teams allow face-to-face meetings whilst email communication can mimic the experience of on-site coordination. Even […]

What a difference 7 years makes in Recruitment

recruitment over the years

What Recruitment differences have you seen in the last 7 years, from then to now? Looking back, it was likely that you were focused on making a good quality hire, were getting on board with using social networks to find candidates and closing the gap between active and passive candidates. Traditional recruitment methods were still […]

The Interview Process


The Interview Process for any role is a key way to find the right candidate for you but also is also way for the candidate to figure out if you are right for them.  Here are some top tips to getting it right! Interviewing is a 2-way street. Yes, it is your opportunity to find […]

Keeping Your New Hire Engaged

keep new hire engaged

How do you keep your new Hire engaged? You are about to onboard a new candidate that you know has the right skills and will fit into the team perfectly so you can breathe a sigh of relief and put that all behind you now, right? Forget all about it and move on to the […]

How Much Do Recruitment Consultants Charge

fixed fee

How much do recruitment consultants charge? Well, there are two main ways that Recruitment Consultants and Recruitment Agencies work. Either a percentage charge of the annual salary of the job or a fixed fee. The latter being less common! You can expect to pay anywhere from 15-20% with a typical high street Recruitment Agency, so […]