Merry Christmas – Our Christmas Plans


Merry Christmas! As the festive breaks draws closer we have been discussing in the office what plans we have for Christmas. It’s interesting to hear about different family traditions and the plans for travelling the country and beyond! It is certainly a time of year we have been looking forward to. As a team we […]

Team Slice

team slice

Team Slice has grown since it started 3 years ago, we like to work with ambitious business owners, help solve problems and bring a solution that helps the company grow and hopefully come back for more! Here is some more info the people you will speak to and how they came to be at Slice! […]

Freelancers vs Employees

Freelancers vs Employees

When you have identified that you need additional support there are two routes you can go down, Freelancers vs Employees.  There are some key differences between two and who you use will depend on the work you need doing. Freelancers vs Employees – what’s the difference? A freelancer is likely to be a specialist in […]