5 Reasons To Consider Making A Change

5 Reasons to consider making a changeDeciding to look for a new job is a big decision, so timing is key, however if you are feeling any of the things mentioned below the time is probably right:

Monday Dread

We have all been here. That knot in your tummy on a Sunday evening and that pit of dread on a Monday morning while you are traveling to work. If this is you, its time to make a change.

You Have Hit a Ceiling

Have you taken your current role as far as you can? Can you do your job standing on your head and you feel it no longer challenges you? Is there no progression left for you in the business but your still hungry for more? Its time to make a change.

Thank You Never Comes

Are you feeling like you break your back for your employer but never get a thank you? Are you feeling undervalued? Its time to make a change.

You Feel Like A Number

Do you feel like if you were not at your desk it does not really matter as there are loads of other people who could step into your role at the drop of a hat? Do you know due to the fact you don’t feel valued your employer isn’t getting the best from you? Its time to make a change.

You Do not Have a Great Relationship with Your Boss

We see this often and this one is normally the toughest to get past. Does the though of having a conversation with your boss give you anxiety? Are you thinking there is no point as they won’t listen anyway? Its time to make a change.

All these things will influence your mental health and no job is worth that. If you have answered yes to any of the above, we will say it again, its time to make a change!

If you are unsure as to where to start, contact us for a confidential chat.