How Much Do Recruitment Consultants Charge

How much do recruitment consultants charge? Well, there are two main ways that Recruitment Consultants and Recruitment Agencies work. Either a percentage charge of the annual salary of the job or a fixed fee. The latter being less common!

You can expect to pay anywhere from 15-20% with a typical high street Recruitment Agency, so if you have a job that is £25,000 annual salary expect to pay an extra £3,750-£5,000 in fees.

Check out this table to see how much you could pay in fees by salary

A fixed fee does exactly what it says on the tin – no matter what the salary ends up being you only pay the fee agreed at the outset.

What is the best Recruitment Consult option?

Recruitment Consultants that work on a percentage will often have varying terms and conditions that you will need to negotiate. Also, unless you firmly stick the salary on offer – negotiations at offer stage even by a thousand pounds or two could significantly increase your costs so it is hard to budget for the final fee.

A fixed fee means you can budget, and it will clearly set out from the start as to what is included. No matter what the salary ends up being you will pay the same fee!

How Much Does Slice Recruitment Consultants Charge?

recruitment consultant charge

As a recruitment consultancy, we charge a fixed fee with as much or as little support as the client requests. From advertising, shortlisting, interview support and handover to onboarding. All agreed before starting the process.

We have a fixed fee initial set up cost of £750 and then if you gain a successful candidate its £250 per hired employee. Simple!


We like to think that we work differently to any other agency you may have used in the past and therefore if you have struggled to fill a vacancy we would like to accept the challenge! If you would like to discuss our services, please use the contact form on our website or email us on

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