Virtual Assistance

We take the pressure off

The landscape has changed. Business owners no longer need to employ someone full time to do one job, nor do they need to be tied into long, expensive retainers.

Having worked with a number of businesses we recognise all the elements of support you need, and provide everything under one team. From creating the infrastructure and the role, to setting up systems, processes and templates … we do it all for you.

Here’s just a slice of what you’ll get with our Virtual Assistance service:

Finance – financial support, credit control and bookkeeping

Marketing – social media, PowerPoint presentations, templates and systems

Sales support – lead generation, customer support, administration and after sales

Administration – email management, call handling, diary management, market research, project management

A Slice of Advice

We find out where the pressure points are with our Slice of Advice, then we get to work! We prioritise, set up the tasks and work in and on your business. We keep you updated on progress but best of all, it’s all managed by our team. As you grow, we start the recruitment
process when the job gets bigger and you need to fill it!

Things you may want to know?

When is a good time to start with a virtual assistant?

At any point there is something on your desk you just don’t want to do. Ideally don’t leave it till your drowning, but if you do, don’t panic we can throw you the much needed life line.

How does a virtual assistant fit into my business?

However you want us to! We can ghost function, so no one outside the business need know we exist, or we can operate like one of your employees. It’s all about making it comfortable for you as the client.

Do I have to book a minimum number of hours for a virtual assistant?

Not at all. The whole point is we are there as and when you need us.

A slice when you need it is absolutely how I work with Lisa and the team! From research to data collection, social media support to sales calls, there are parts of my business that need an extra pair of hands and this is where Slice comes in. I talk through what I need and they quickly come up with how they will manage it. I trust them completely, they have never let me down.

Marianne Smith

Managing Director - Doo Marketing

What's holding you back?

Let us take the pressure off and plan the next step. Book your Slice of Advice today.

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