Chunk CRM

We make managing business relationships easy

Our very own Client Relationship Management platform, built and designed for how your business works.

From one slice to more, we’ll help you:

Put a plan in place to work out how Chunk will best fit into your business

Install and set up contact descriptions to give you the infrastructure to maximise relationships and business opportunities

Go one step further and enter all your contacts for you so your new personalised CRM system is ready to go

Pick up and manage your new system completely as part of our Virtual Assistance Service

Things you may want to know?

What is a CRM?

CRM stands for ‘Customer Relationship Management’ software.  It allows you to manage customers and their interactions, providing insights that help you manage and improve business relationships with customers, partners and suppliers.  Using a CRM will help increase sales with existing customers and better manage their account with you.

What about the cost?

Most companies charge for their CRM on a monthly subscription basis.  We charge a one off fee and the CRM is yours.  You will need hosting (and maybe support plans) for your CRM, but these are nominal.

Providing simple solutions all-round.

Did you say Excel?  Or worse… paper?  Our toes are curling at the very thought!  We spend our days helping businesses with their admin, and a fundamental part of running a successful business is making sure that you have a good foundation.

CRM software is designed to help you manage your business, so you can make it grow.  It can include features such as invoicing, managing quotes and proposals, document management. You can manage projects, share progress of work with your clients and much more.  We’d love to show you what we do, so contact us for free no obligation demo.

What's holding you back?

Don’t miss opportunities to track enquiries, build and manage contacts for more business. It’s time to talk Chunk!

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