Freelancers vs Employees

When you have identified that you need additional support there are two routes you can go down, Freelancers vs Employees.  There are some key differences between two and who you use will depend on the work you need doing.

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Freelancers vs Employees – what’s the difference?

A freelancer is likely to be a specialist in their subject area but due to the nature of how they work can draw on experience from multiple industries and sectors. They can be more cost effective as you only pay for the time you use and there are no additional on costs such as holiday pay. A freelancer is ideal if you have a short-term project or ad hoc work that needs completed.

Freelancers however can work for multiple clients and therefore may not always be able to accommodate your request, they could turn the work down or ask you to work to their deadlines.

Employees on the other hand will have a vested interest in the business that employs them so their commitment is naturally likely to be higher than a freelancer. You as their employer will be able to focus their priorities and attention and know that they are only working on projects for you.

Employees do come with additional costs such as holiday pay and taxes, as well as additional employee rights such as family leave pay and the possibility of redundancy pay if the work is no longer there.

Which should I chose?

Freelancers vs Employees – this would depend on your workload and the type of work you needed doing. Here at Slice, we advise that if you have short term projects that are either infrequent or not too time consuming that a freelancer would be best. One with no long term tie ins or that doesn’t require ongoing payments to retain there services would be ideal.

If you have work that is going to be ongoing and requires a longer term commitment then employing someone either permanently or on a fixed term basis is going to be more suitable to get the primary focus required.


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