Merry Christmas – Our Christmas Plans

Merry Christmas! As the festive breaks draws closer we have been discussing in the office what plans we have for Christmas. It’s interesting to hear about different family traditions and the plans for travelling the country and beyond! It is certainly a time of year we have been looking forward to.

As a team we have family both local and as far as Spain so Christmas is mainly focused around getting to see as many family members as possible. Lisa will win the prize for most travelled, heading off to Spain to see her parents for the New Year.

Children feature heavily in our Christmas plans so discussions have been all about the latest craze and what they have asked Santa for. We have already had several visits to “meet Santa” and visited local light displays, festive trails and children’s shows! Our mini Slice’s have also had their turn in the limelight covering the roles of Mary, an Angel and an Elf.


Merry Christmas – a time to recharge

We will also be taking advantage of closing the office for a week to recharge our bodies and minds! It has been a busy year for Slice (more on that in next weeks’ blog) and we are all feeling the need to switch off.  With the majority of work being done on screens and in and out of office buildings it will be nice to have a change of scenery and to be able to put the laptop down!


If you need us in the New Year to discuss any of our services, please use the contact form on our website or email us on and our friendly team will be happy to share how we can support you.

Otherwise, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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