Should I outsource my HR?

outsource HR

There are several reasons why you might choose to outsource your HR.

You might not have the resource in house with the knowledge required to manage your HR needs. You might not have the need for a full time HR resource.

You want to ensure your business is legally compliant.

The top reason being the most common. HR commonly gets added to existing job roles, maybe the Office Manager, the Finance Manager or sometimes the business owner. HR and Employment Law is a complex area and with ever changing legislation and best practice it is unreasonable to expect that this person has the breadth of experience and knowledge to do the job justice!

Outsourcing HR can give you access to a wide range of skills and understanding of the whole remit of an HR department.

If I outsource my HR will it be expensive?

That depends on what you need and who you use. There are varying types of HR consultancies that you can outsource to. There are national companies that operate a more of a call centre type approach right down to stand along HR consultants that can offer a more local bespoke service. In deciding if it is expensive you need to look at what you need against what the package on offer is. If you are looking at set packages will you use all the services available to you. If you are a smaller business or your need is more ad hoc then outsourcing to a provider that create you a bespoke package will be best for you.

How does Outsourcing HR to Slice work

If you outsource your HR to Slice we will discuss your needs with you a create a package based on what you need and your budget. We can do one off HR projects such as redundancy or a TUPE transfer. You could pay by the hour for a particular task. Or we create a 6 month plan that you pay for monthly, renewing for another 6 months if you want to keep the service or move onto another package.

Slice are about providing the service that you need at the time you need it most. We don’t want to tie you into a long deals, our clients return to us because they are pleased with the work we have done.




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