What are HR Services?

HR Services can cover a multitude of areas. From onboarding new employees, dealing with performance issues, sickness absences and appraisals, to reasons relating to needing to exit someone from the business. All these areas carry significant employment law that all Employers must comply with.

HR can support with administration of the above processes as well as the strategic implementation of policies and procedures.

The role of HR is therefore extensive and touches most parts of the business and all employees in some way.

hr services

Why use HR Services?

As mentioned, there is a significant amount of employment legislation that is there to protect both employees and employers but it can be a minefield interpreting it so that is applicable to your business.

HR professionals are the experts in this area and by bringing in HR services to your business either in house or outsourced you can be safe in the knowledge that this area of your business is taken care of.

Ultimately, by caring for employees, keeping up with employment law and reducing the burden on yourself as the business owner/director, human resources could turn out to be just as vital, if not more so, as any other department in your company.

Why outsource HR to Slice?

Outsourcing HR can give you access to a wide range of skills and understanding of the whole remit of an HR department.

If you outsource your HR to Slice we will discuss your needs with you a create a package based on what you need and your budget. We can do one off HR projects such as redundancy or a TUPE transfer. You could pay by the hour for a particular task. Or we create a 6-month plan that you pay for monthly, renewing for another 6 months if you want to keep the service or move onto another package.


If you would like to discuss our services, please use the contact form on our website or email us on info@slicesolutions.co.uk and our friendly team will be happy to share how we can support you.


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