Where to get HR Advice?

HR advice is available from many sources, you can get  it for free online from ACAS and the government website, pay and download advice from HR specific websites or pay for bespoke HR advice from a consultant or Employment Law solicitor.

The top google result for free HR advice is ACAS As an independent public body that receives funding from the government, company HR policies and procedures are usually based on ACAS guidance, so it is a good place to start.

Similarly, if you pay to download from an HR website you can get some also useful information and it usually gives some interesting case studies or real-life examples.

To take it to the next level and get bespoke advice on a topic and how to handle your specific situation you can go to an HR consultant who will work with you.

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Paid vs Free HR Advice – which is best?

If you get your free advice from a trusted source such as ACAS then you can be sure you getting accurate information but it will not bespoke to your company and it can be hard to apply to your specific situation. Even paid downloaded information can be generic and still leave you unable to make a conclusive decision or know what process to use.

This is where an HR consultant comes in, HR consultants will use their experience to apply the theory, law and best practice that is available to advise on the right action for your case. They can even take it a step further and be part of the process and even carry out the actions for you if required.


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