How does HR support business strategy

HR has the skills and knowledge to support the organisation in bringing strategy to life through its people

Quite often external consultants are called in to help formulate and develop action plans designed to take the business forward. A business coach or a financial advisor may be able to identify the direction the business needs to move in however, what many of them tend to overlook is the human factor and this is where strategy can fall down – step in HR!

A business cannot deliver its strategic goals without the right people, with the right skills in the right places, and with the right motivation to do the best they possibly can! Strategic HR Management is key!

So what HR support is needed?

HR has the skills and knowledge to support the organisation in bringing strategy to life through its people.  Not a bunch of policies and procedures – but looking at how people interact and drive each other; in a positive, supportive environment, individuals thrive and are happy and productive.

HR works closely with managers to identify the skills they need within their team to be able to deliver their objectives. Having the right skills is not about sending employees on training courses, it is about looking at strengths, interests and compatibility within a team to be able to deliver the best results.

Productivity, quality and service are critical issues for any organisation.  The HR team understands what drives someone to feel engaged and motivated to apply discretionary effort to their role. Understanding the employee journey is a lot like understanding the customer journey, yet many companies don’t see the link.

Involving HR in business strategy will really embed your vision into your company’ s best asset – your people!

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Slice HR isn’t just about reactive, operational support. If you are a forward thinking business that recognises that getting the best out of it’s people is going to give you great results we would love to work with you. From pay structures, succession planning to training and development – we can help!

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