The Interview Process

The Interview Process for any role is a key way to find the right candidate for you but also is also way for the candidate to figure out if you are right for them.  Here are some top tips to getting it right!

Interviewing is a 2-way street. Yes, it is your opportunity to find out more about the candidate sat in front of you, to assess their skills, look at their career history and find out more about them, however it is also their chance to understand more about your company and get a feel for your culture and more detail on the role on offer.



What if the interview process goes wrong?

Interviews done poorly is costly both financially and potentially to your reputation. If a bad decision is made it could also result in a loss of productivity and a negative effect on the team. We are all guilty of oversharing a bad experience and this will impact your reputation so getting it right is of paramount importance.

Have you gone through the process via your candidates’ eyes? Is it clear what your company values are? Are you being clear about your culture? Here are our top tips to make the whole experience a better one for the candidate:

  1. Get the Team Involved

Nothing shows off your company culture more than the team. Let them meet not only their manager but some other key people such as team members they will be working closely with and other members of the management team.

  1. Keep the Line Of Communication Open

Make sure the candidate is kept in the loop throughout the process. Keeping the candidate engaged not only shows you are interested but also how you operate as a company.

  1. Feedback

Make sure you always feedback to a candidate. Good or bad they can learn from this.


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