What a difference 7 years makes in Recruitment

What Recruitment differences have you seen in the last 7 years, from then to now?

Looking back, it was likely that you were focused on making a good quality hire, were getting on board with using social networks to find candidates and closing the gap between active and passive candidates. Traditional recruitment methods were still very much in place with candidates not veering too much from the status quo when it came to selection and offer processes.

Move on to 2022 and we can see that we are now in a candidate driven market where candidates know what they want and are not afraid to ask for it. We have also found that candidates judge their potential new employer before even attending an interview, so employer branding is everything and actually there is a shift to focus on retention of existing staff to avoid recruitment if possible.

recruitment over the years

So what difference will the next 7 years in Recruitment bring?

Predictions of what the future of recruitment looks like suggests that we will have a focus on diversity to have a more inclusive workforce. We will also utilise technology more to hire and get more creative with our selection techniques.  Think technology to manage the recruitment process, communicate with candidates and even pre-screening candidates.  Also aligning with HR and understanding the changes in contractual requirements, flexible working, and employment legislation will be important.


We understand that keeping up with candidate expectations and finding the best new talent for your business can be stressful, which is why we offer a full service from helping you decide if you need to recruit to putting the offer to your successful candidate for one simple fixed fee.

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