Can Virtual Assistants help grow your business?

Virtual Assistants can help you grow your business. The main benefit that Virtual Assistants can give you is time; valuable time that you get back to focus on the development of your business and allow you to work “on” it rather than “in” it.

Time is finite and there are so many hours you can devote to the tasks you need to complete, but this can mean that you can’t do it all and commonly the areas that fall behind are the nice to dos and the development and scale of your business.

What benefit to Virtual Assistants bring?

Virtual Assistants will be experts in their own field meaning they are likely to get the job done quicker or more effectively that you can. Running your own business you suddenly find yourself needing to be expert in more areas that just the industry you have decided to set up in. For example you need to become a bookkeeper, a marketer, etc. Whilst you might be able to manage it you might not be the most slick at it or doing it most effectively. This is where a Virtual Assistant comes into their own. Not only can they take the task from you, giving you time back to do the other things you would rather be working on, they also could do it more effectively and give you better results.

How do Virtual Assistants grow your business?

The time you are spending on admin could be spent on business development, such as networking, pursuing leads, meeting potential clients. With the admin outsourced to a VA you will have more time to focus on the growth of your business. More time to focus on these inputs will lead to more opportunities for business which will lead to business growth. You can use this to reinvest in your business and the cycle continues that you have more time focus on scaling your business up as far as you want to take it.

This article sums up nicely how the term “Virtual Assistant” was until recently misunderstood and that particularly post pandemic business owners are more and more outsourcing parts of their business to release more time and utilise the “experts” in their field

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How can Slice VA support you?

We start with a simple exercise to see that support you need. We have a discovery task that requires you to keep a log of all the activities you do over a week relating to your business and to note the time spent on each task. We then work out an hourly rate that you can attribute to each task. This not only gives us an idea of they type of support you need, but also the time we can save you and the cost!

Slice VA currently supports clients with their social media scheduling, bookkeeping, credit control, data entry and report creation, invoice reconciliation, diary management and much more!


If you would like to discuss our services, please use the contact form on our website or email us on and our friendly team will be happy to share how we can support you.

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