What is fixed fee recruitment?

Fixed fee recruitment is a way of charging for a recruitment project and is becoming more common.  The traditional use of a high street agency is that the final cost is based on a percentage of the salary offered for the position – typically between 12-20%, sometimes more some high level roles.

Fixed fee on the other hand does exactly what is says on the tin! A fee for the recruitment project is agreed at the start and the full details of the project scoped out so there are no surprises.

With percentage fees you don’t really know what the final bill is until you have offered the candidate and agreed a salary. You may advertise a salary but negotiate something different on offer.

Is Fixed fee a better approach?

Fixed fee recruitment offers a cost-effective approach that is 90%-95% cheaper than using a traditional recruitment agency model. – Erecruit

What are the benefits?

Save Money: As mentioned above agency can charge anywhere up to 20% – so for a £35k role that would be £7000!

Save Time: If you are trying to do recruitment yourself you will spend time writing and posting the job ads and managing the candidates. Slice can do all this for you and will send you the closest match of candidate, arrange the interviews, and make offers of employment all for one fixed cost – we will even interview with you if you need!

Reduce Risk: If you end up paying a higher percentage fee for a new hire and they don’t work out, that is a huge amount of investment lost. Slice charge a considerable smaller placement fee that we don’t send until we have checked the employee has started and settled in.

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